Lord’s Day 42 Themes and Divisions


C. Bouwman


God’s redeemed people are generous in giving


1.      Who owns all things

2.      How God wants us to use his property


The owner of all instructs us how to care for his possessions


1.      What God forbids

2.      What God requires


W. Bredenhof


The gospel guides us to be the “righteous rich”


We’ll consider the:


1.      Shadows of the righteous rich in the Old Testament

2.      Fulfillment of the righteous rich in the New Testament


The eighth commandment speaks about the believer and earthly goods


It speaks about:


1.      The ownership of earthly goods

2.      The obtaining of earthly goods

3.      The use of earthly goods


C. Stam


The LORD commands us in the eighth commandment to be rich in God


1.      By receiving, not taking

2.      By sharing, not keeping 


R. H. Bremmer


God and our money


We see:


1.      That money comes from him

2.      That we must not misuse it

3.      That we must spend it in love for him and for the neighbour


B. Holwerda


Life before the Lord in communion with each other


1.      The basis of social life

2.      The restoration of social life

3.      The demand for social life


K. Dijk


God’s gifts and us


1.      The misuse

2.      The good use of God’s gifts


The promotion of your neighbour’s welfare


1.      Why must I do this?

2.      How can I do this?


Our material goods and our God


1.      We may receive them from his hand

2.      We must acquire them according to his will

3.      We can use them to his glory