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Founded by private subscription, in 1861.

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oF THE zoological and Acclimatisation Society OF VICTORIA, he REPORT OF THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE SOCIETY, Hep Ist Marcu, 1872.

““®mnis feret omnia tellus.’










Governor of Victoria.

president DR. BLACK.


Aon. Ceeasurer : DR. JOSEPH BLACK.

Members of Council :





How, Secretary: ALBERT A. C. LE SOUEF, Esq.




Tue Annual Meeting of the Zoological and Acclimatisation Society of Victoria, was held on Friday, the lst day of March, at the office of the Society, 30 Swanston-street.

The Members present being—

DR. THOMAS BLACK, President, in the Chair MR. LE SOUEPR, Honorary Secretary MESSRS. C. ALLPORT









A letter was read from His Excellency the Governor, ex- pressing his regret that he was not able to be present. A letter was also read from Mr. J. B. Were, regretting his unavoidable absence ;.and another from Mr. T. J. Sumner, in which that gentleman conveyed his resignation of the office of Hon. Trea- surer. The Hon. Secretary informed the Meeting that Baron Von Mueller had desired him to express to the Members present his great regret at not being able, from press of business, to be



proposed by their Honorary Secretary, Mr. Albert Lesouef, to whose careful supervision and activity they ascribe much of the present prosperity of the Society,—to have a depot for pheasant breeding somewhere in the ranges, where the birds could go free as soon as they were fledged; but the scheme has not yet been sufficiently matured as to justify their taking any action. If carried out, the risk which these birds run of being illegally destroyed would be considerably lessened.

The vexed question of the sparrow and minah has been dealt with by the exclusion of both birds from the protection of the Game Act,

The Council regret that they were unable, from circum- stances beyond their control, to have an amended Game Act introduced last session in Parliament; but a measure has been prepared, and it is hoped that it may become law during the ensuing session.

In September last 2250 brown trout ova were obtained from the Salmon Commissioners of Tasmania, and were hatched at the Society's Establishment at the Royal Park; some 600 trout fry were also procured by Dr. Thomas Black, the President of the Society, while on a visit to Tasmania; so that on the whole about 2500 live trout have been placed in different streams during the past season, a large proportion of which were put into the Watts, a splendid tributary of the Yarra, admirably adapted for trout.

Not many deer have been turned out during the past year but those hitherto liberated in many parts of the colony are spreading and increasing rapidly. The Society possess a fine collection of six varieties in their grounds at the Park.

The valuable flock of Angora goats, and the ostriches belonging to the Society, are located at Mr. Samuel Wilson’s station, Longerenong on the Wimmera, where they are thriving and increasing.


Although most anxious to encourage and promote sericul- ture, the Council find it difficult to advance this industry im a really practical manner, so as to be of benefit to the colony. Baron Von Mueller has however, ay well as the Society, supplied many parts of the Colony with white mulberry plants, and when these come into bearing, silk growing will, they hope, afford profitable employment to the industry of the Colony. The Society will be happy at all times to furnish every information in their power connected with sericulture.

The Council were of opinion that the services in the cause of pisciculture, rendered by Sir Robert Officer and Mr Morton Allport, of Tasmania, deserved some recognition at their hands, and they therefore awarded to both these gentlemen the silver medal of the Society. Their bronze medal has also been pre- sented to Captain Babot, of the Hydaspes, for his enterprize in bringing out sea turtle.

In conclusion, the Council are glad to state that tke condi- tion of the Society is sound and prosperous, and that they only require more liberal co-operation from the public to enable them, with the assistance of the small but efficient staff at the Royal Park, to produce great results in the cause of acclimatisation ; and would again inform their friends throughout the country, that donations of native animals or birds are always extremely useful, not only for the zoological collection at the Royal Park but for purposes of exchange with other countries.

Since the last report the following. gentlemen have been elected as members of Council, and their appointment requires to be confirmed at this meeting, viz., Charles Ryan, Esq., and Frederick Godfrey, Esq. In conformity with the rules, the fol- lowimg members retire from the Council, being the three who have attended the fewest meetings; but are eligible for re- election :—The Hon. Dr. Dobson, T. J. Sumner, Esq., and John Steavenson, Esq. The balance sheets for the past year, audited by Mr, Rucker, public accountant, are laid before the meeting,



by which it will be found that the total expenditure for the past year has been £1091 19s. 11d.

Mr, Samven Witson moved the adoption of the Report and Balance Sheet, and in so doing, said the Members would perhaps

_ expect that he should give some account of the animals and

birds belonging to the Society, of which he had charge at his station on the Wimmera. The Angora goats were now in the most thriving condition. When they arrived at his place: they were in a delicate state, and had not, apparently, before been on pastures which suited them. One died on the first night of arrival, and many of them fell down from weakness when any one went near them. The ostriches during the past season had not done well: it seemed that heavy rains, such as had fallen this season, were not favorable to ostriches, although they were to stock generally ; and that they throve best in a dry climate, or desert place. Only one of the female birds had pro- duced seven young ones this season, but none of them had thriven. In the previous season one of the ostriches brought out twelve birds from thirteen eggs, and they all throve but one, which met with an accident. As regarded their management, it was most difficult to keep them in a state of domestication. When turned out of the paddock, they gradually got wilder, and as they ran faster than a horse, it was most difficult to get them in the yard again, to take their feathers from them. That oper- ation had to be done at a certain season of the year, when the feathers were ripe, or, if not, they became bare and compara- tively worthless. This year he had the greatest difficulty in trying to get the ostriches in the yard at the proper season, and the consequence was the feathers were of little value. He had some men out riding for many days trying to drive the birds ; but they found it almost impossible to get them in at the right time. Now he had adopted another plan, and fed them near the yards, so that it was a comparatively easy matter to secure them; and when once in the yard it was not difficult to pluck the feathers off them. As their management was now under- stood, he thought they would increase rapidly, and that in future


the feathers would be obtained more easily, and at the right time. The axis deer had spread to avery great extent; one herd of them had been seen at a distance of 30 miles to the south, and another herd about the same distance in a contrary direction ; so that it might be considered they were now spread over an area of at least sixty miles. The deer might, therefore, be considered a complete success. The Murray cod, which were introduced into the Wimmera, had not yet increased to such an extent as to be of much service, and there had not been time to ascertain the state of the carp which were introduced into the same river. He might however say, that one of the carp was caught about two months after it was placed in the river, and it had grown considerably in that time.

Mr. F. R. Goprrey in seconding the adoption of the Report, said he wished to draw the attention of the Members of the Society to that portion of it which referred to the scheme proposed by the Hon. Secretary of the Society, Mr. Le Souef, for forming a depot somewhere in the secluded ranges of the colony, where pheasants could be reared and allowed to go free as soon as fledged. He believed that it was only in this way that the acclimatisation of pheasants, and other valuable game birds, in large numbers, could be carried out; and he thought the Council had hitherto made a mistake by liberating birds near Melbourne, where they fell a prey to boys, hawks, and unsportsmanlike persons, who shot anything and everything they could. Mr. Godfrey said he had lately, with another Member of the Council and Mr. Le Souef, visited a place in the ranges, which, for reasons stated in the report, required to be kept secret, which was admirably adapted for pheasants and other game; and though none of the former were seen on the occa- sion of this visit, he and the other gentlemen had the satisfaction of seeing several guinea-fowl, which had been liberated with a number of pheasants some months before in the locality, and they were delighted to find them looking healthy, and in splendid plumage, and inferred, from the fact of the guinea-


fowl being a more domesticated fowl than the pheasant, that the latter must also thrive, though it might be a year or two before


they would be seen in numbers.

Mr. Goprrey also drew attention to the benefit which the Society had done, and might continue to do, in stocking reservoirs in various places with the English perch and other fish.

The Report was adopted unanimously.

A number of alterations in the rules, which had been made by the Council, were submitted and adopted.

The meeting then proceeded to the election of office-bearers, and Dr. Thomas Black was re-elected President of the Society.

Dr. THomas Brack returned thanks for the honor which had been conferred upon him, he referred to the very satisfactory position which the Society had now achieved, and to the certainty of its increasing value in the future. In the course of his remarks, he said Mr. Edward Wilson had been a very good friend to the Society, not only with his advice, but his hands had always been open when assistance was required. The Society were under a deep debt of gratitude to him, and also to Sir Henry Barkly, and other gentlemen of the same stamp, for the great assistance they had rendered to it.

Professor McCoy and Baron Von Mueller were re-elected Vice-presidents, and Dr. Joseph Black was appointed Hon. Treasurer in the place of Mr T. J. Sumner, to whom a vote of thanks was returned for his past services.

Messrs. F. R. Godfrey and Charles Ryan, who had been previously appointed Members of the Council, had their appoint- ments confirmed, and Messrs. Samuel Wilson, W. Robertson, M.L.A., T. J. Sumner, and Dr. Dobson, M.L.C., were elected Members of the Council.

A vote of thanks for passed service was then passed to Dr. Pugh, who is about leaving the Colony for England.

13 Dr. Puen, in acknowledging the vote, assured the Members that when he arrived in Europe he would do all in his power to further the objects of the Society, and would gladly try to carry out any of the wishes of the Members. He thought it was likely he would be able to be of more use to the Society in Europe than he could be here.

The Meeting then closed with a vote of thauks to the Chairman.

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Aldworth & Co., Sandhurst £10 10 0 Armitage, George, Ballarat... 10 10 0 Armstrong, W., Hexham . 1010 0 Barkly, His Excellency Sir H. 42 0 0 Bear, Hon. J.P.,M.L.C. ... 21 0 0 Bear, Thomas H., Heidelberg 10 10 0 Black, Dr. Thomas, Melbourne

Clubie.: LOMO O Black, W., Belfast re LOMO FO Borough Council of Sandhurst10 10 0 Box, H., Little Collins-street

West abo : pe LO ONTO Boyd & Currie, Collins-street

West dno 7 10/10) 0 Bright Bros., Messrs. & Co., 6

Flinders- lane peLO LOMO Brown, Lindsay. Gaccameddat

Wahgunyah . 10 10 Canterbury, His Excellency,

Viscount ... ; 7 10 10° 0 Catto, J., Newpurives edtien 10 10 0 Ona. 184 deg tite Kilda . Services Cooper, Sir Daniel, London “37 2 0 Coppin, Geo. S. : PLO PLORRO Creswick, Borough Couneil of 1010 0 Cumming, G,, Mount Fyans 1010 0 Cumming, W., Mount Fyans 1010 0 Curr. E. M., Queen-street ... 1010 0 Dalgetty & Co., Messrs., Little

Collins-street LO PLO 0 Docker, F. G., Wangaratta... 10 10 0 Falconer, J. J., Bank Austra-

lasia < sco a) @ Fellows, the Hone uve He poo AD) al) Firebrace, R. T. : vee ORONO Fussell, R. 8S. R.,{Fou Chou,

50 dols.... 5 1h Oale Glass, R. J. , Waiparella . 1010 0 Henty, 8. G. .1010 0 Hervey, Mie Hon. M. LOO


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Hoffmann, W., Bush Back,

Essendon £25 0 0 Highett, Miss ... LOM ONO Jamieson, Hugh oe soo UD AKO ©) Jenner, Hon. C.J., M.L.C. 1010 0 Jones, Lloyd, Avenel... LOM ORO Joshua Bros., William-street 1010 0

Landells, G. J., Lahore, India Services

Layard, C. P., Colombo . Services Layard, E. L., Cape Town ... Services Learmonth, Thomas, Ercibdan- riley, Portland LOMLORO Londesborough, The Right Honorable Lord, Carlton Gardens, London ... . 37 10 0 Lyall, W. ss lO ONO Mackinnon, L. “Argus” Office, Services Mackenzie, aa . 1010 0 Mackintosh, Alexander 0) 070 Marshall, Captain D. 8S. ... Services Martin, Dr., Heidelberg OPO RG Matheson, J., Bank of Victori 21 0 0 McGill, A. 59, LD © McGregor, Samuel, Belfast 1010 0 | McHatte, John, Phillip Island 10 10 0 | McMullen, J., Union Bank... 21 0 0 McKellar, Hon. T., M.L.C. 1010 0 Molley, W.T., Hawthorn ... 1010 0 Mueller, Baron Von, Botanic Gardens... = LOO NO Municipal Council of Ballarat West... 2000 Murray, S., Dunrobin | woot OO RRO Nicholson, Gauautin, Collins-— street, East ... a6 sco MY IM). ©) Officer, C. S,, Mount Talbet= 1010 0

Power, Hon. Thomas H., Haw-

thorn 25 eae = AOS O | Purchas, Albert, Kew Services Ritchie, J., Streatham = LOD 10230

Lire MEMBERS—(Continued)—

Rostron, John R., Navarre £10 10 Rusden, G. W., Brighton ... 10 10 Russell, A., Matuwalloch .. 10 10

Rutledge, William, Belfast ... 10 10 Salmon, J. E.S.andA.C, Bank2rF 0 Sargood, King and Sargood,

Flinders-street East ae 0.0 Shoobridge, E., Valleyfield,

Tasmania . 10 10 Simpson, Robert, Tanee Kal

Kal Sse e010 Sladen, Hon. C., Birre-

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Sloan, W.S., Fou Chou, 50dols. Lio Spowers, Allan, “Argus” Office 10 10 Stanbridge, W. E., Daylesford 10 10 Staughton, 8. T., Little Collins-

street West . 10 10 Stewart, J.. Emmerdale, Streatham., at too LAL ANNUAL Anderson and Wright ise Si al | Banks Bros., Bell and Co. 2 2 Briscoe and Co. 500 2 2 Bligh and Harbottle ... 2 2 Bindon, Judge... 2 2 Black, Dr. Joseph 2 2 Blair, James, Toorak.. ites Cumming, Hon. J., M. L. C, Toorak ... aco 60 Courtenay, E.... ih Clark, Walter ... 2 2 Evans, Gowen, Argus” office 2 2 Tanne, Nankivell and Co.... 2 2 Gray, Charles, Nareeb NEREEDD 2 2 Godfrey, F. R., Mount Ridley 4 4 Grice, Richard, Flinders-lane 1 1

Goldsborough, R. and Co., Bourke-street ... ae aes His Excellency the Governer 10 0 TRIGUEE, Se BIG CO, geo 9 Bro Haddon, F. W.., “‘ Argus” Office2 2 Highett, William, M.L.C., Richmond . 9 Joshua Brothers, Swans fs, 2 2 Kilmore, Waltonians, Kilmore 5 0


0 | Strachan, J., London Char- 0 tered Bank Rs £21 0 0 0 | Sumner, T.J., 24 Flinders-lane 0 West ed 3 1010 0 0 | Taylor, Frederick, Melbourne Club 5 1010 0 0 | Taylor, W., Overnewton, Keilor LOOM O 0 | Templeton, Hugh, Fitzroy Services Ware, Joseph, Carramut 5 2) I) 0 | Wilson & Mackinnon, Collins- street East oa - 42 9 0 Q | Wilson, Edward,“Argus” Office 21 0 0 10 | Wilson, Sarma Wimmera ... 10 10 0 0 Winter, James, Toolamba, 0 Murchison ee LOmLOMO Winter, Thomas, Winchelsea 1010 0 0 | Winter, S. P.' 605 oo tt) ake) © Youl, James A. Clapham Park, 0 London Services MEMBERS. 0 | McNaughton, Love and Co. £2 2 0 0 | McCoy, Professor, University 2 2 0 0 | Michie, Hon. A., M.L.C., 0 St. Kilda ; 22 0 0 | Moule, F. G., Brighton Pe (0) 0 | McDougall, Mr., Carlton al XD 0 | Nutt, R. W., William-st. Hoa @ Power, T. H. By (W) 0 | Patterson, Rin, Spalener & Cn OW % (i) 0 | Pugh, Dr. ee 2 2 0 Q | Russell, Hon. P., M.L.C. 0 Eiliiome THORNS! ap oe ed 0 | Ryan & Hammond, Bourke-st. wn A 0 | Richmond, James _... tou © 0 | Stevenson, L. & Son, Flinders- 0 lane ; 2 2 Sargood, Son and Con 2 2 0 Sands and McDougall son AB 0 | Sloane, Wm. & Co., Collins-st. 2 2 0 | Smale, A, W., Brighton ... 2 2 0 | Sprigg, George, St. Kilda 2 2 Stawell Shire Council 5 io) 0 | Steavenson, John, Meet 2 2 0 | Skene. Hon, Wm., M.L.C.... 2 2 0 | Wilson, Edward, Kent, Engle atl 29

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Allport, Morton, Hobart Town Beckx, Gustave, Flinders Lane West Biagi, Guiseppe, William-street Blanchard W., Collins-street West Bouton, A., Youhoue, New Caledonia Buckland, Dr. F., London

Castelnan, Comte de, Apsley Place Chalmers, Dr., New Zealand Cleeland, J., Albion Hotel, Bourke-st. Cooper, Ricardo, Queen-street

Coste, Proffessor, Huningue Damyon, James, Market-street Drouyn, de Lhuys, Paris

Francis, Francis, London

Gillanders & Arbuthnot, Calcutta Godfrey, Captain, J. B.

Graham, James, Little Collins-st. East Grote, Arthur, Caleutta

Howitt, Ed.

Johnston, Clement, Crown Lands Office Jones, Captain, Superb

Latham, General



Madden, Walter, Office of Mines Mathieu, A., Yahoue, New Caledonia Merryman, Captain, Essex

Michaelis, Moritz, Elizabeth-street Michael, Major, Madras

McQueen, Captain, ‘‘ Martha Birnie Mullick, Rajendo, Calcutta

Officer, Sir Robert, Hobart Town Ploos Van Amsel,J. W., Collins-st. W. Ramel, Monsieur, Paris

Rentsch, Samuel, Flinders-street East Ridgers, Captain, “‘ Sussex Robinson, J., Caleutta

Salt, Sir Titus, Saltaire, England Scholstein, Adolp., Flinders-lane West Sclater, Dr. P. L., London

Shinner, Captain ‘‘ Northumberland Smith, Captain, ‘‘ Dover Castle Squire, Surgeon, John, Dinapore

St. Hilaire, G., Bois de Boulogne, Paris Were, J. B., Collins-street West White, J. H., Collins-street West


Adam, John (Lawrence & Adam),

Elizabeth-street ... costal Allfrey, Ernst. H., life member,

Fernihurst .. wise ALO Allport, Curzon, Uhmsse aime 2 Amess, Samuel, William-street 1 Anderson, A., Wallaloo 1

Anderson & Wright, Flinders- lane.. : fy Baines, E, Little Gollan om 2 Banks enter: Bell, and Co., Flinders-lane aes Barry, D. M., Brunswick Barwise, John, Elizabeth-street Batt, T., Yarra Flats ; Bennet, T. K., Bourke-street Black, J., Dr., Bourke-street Blair, James, Tama Bligh & Harbottle, Alstier sala Borough Council, Portland ., Bright, C. E., Flinders-lane ... Briscoe & Co., Collins-street ... Broadribb, K. E., Chancery- lane . ea Brown, east G., Collinsest. Burry, Leech & Co, Queen-st. Campbell, F., Auchmore Carter, E., Stephen-street Charsley, Edward, Bank-place Chomley, A. W., Temple Court Clarke, W. & Co., Elizabyth-st. Clarke, J. L., Elizabeth-street Crooke, Dr., Gertrude-street... Cumming, Hon. J:, M.L.C., Toorak Daly, John, Spotamesnael Danks, John, Bourke-street ... Davidson, James, Deniliquin Dobson, Hon. Dr., M.L.C. Doyle, Lawrence, Stephen-st. Evans, G. E., Argus ”’ Office Fanning, Nankivell, and Co., Collins-street aes 2 Fellows, Hon. T. H., Temple Ct. 1

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Fergusson and Moore, Flinders- lane .. : Fitch & Renal, idorslane Fleming, J. W., Brunswick . Ford, W. & Can Sramsiarnestn Foy, Mark, Smith-street Foxcroft, J., Elizabeth-street... Godfrey, F. R., Mount Ridley... Goldsborough & Co., Bourke-st. Graham, Hon. James, M.L.C.,


De eS ee et Le ll ee ee od

Little Collins-street gag abo ak Grant, John, Collins-street a Gray, Charles, Nareeb Nareeb 2 2 Grice, Richard, Flinders-lane 1 1 Green, J. R., Gertrude-street 2 0 Greene, Molesworth, Mount Hopel 1 Haddon, S, W. Argus”’ Office 2 2 Haege, W., Queen-street ... 1 1 Harper, R. & Co., Flinders-lane 1 1 Hatton, S. W., Flemington ... 1 1 Henderson, T., Elizabeth-st.... 1 1 Hepburne, B., Queen-street... 1 1

Highett, 'The Hon. W., M.L.C., Richmond . Holdsworth, J., sinnclnriny House, Samuel & Co., Qneen-st. Howitt, Dr. Gielen Caulfield Hunt, Dr., Brunswick-sireet... Ingamelles, J.. Royal Park ... Inglis, Daniel, Flinders-street Jacobs, F. and Co., Queen-st. Johnston, E., Elizabeth-street Keep, E., Elizabeth-street Kerr, R., Collins-street King, 8. G., Hotham ... : Kinnear, Robt. H., Lower Moira Kronheimer, J. & Co., Queen-st. Lambert T., Lonsdale-street ... Larnach, J., Kilmore Waltonians Langhorne, Alired, Laverton Latham, E., Carlton ... Lawrence, i. B. (Lawrence and Adam), Elizabeth-street... ] 1 Lee, B., Bourlre-street... sno halluee

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Supprementary List or Mempurs—(Continued)—

Lindley, A. B., Royal Park ... £1 1 0 | Robertson, ee Elizabeth- Lyster, W., life member, eae street » bl street ea . 10 10 0 | Robertson, W., M. TAS Mel- Lyster, A. B., Bounces Anos. ho) od bourne Club 2 Macknight, Chas. H., uneore 1 1 0 | Rocke, W. H., Collins- sireet__ 1 Manallack, T., Branenick 1 1 0 | Rosser, E., Sauna 1 Maplestone, rely Elizabeth-st. 1 1 0 | Rosser, Charles, Brunswick ... 1 Martin, P. J., iti oa lane... 1 1 0| Rudd, A.P., Flemington .. 2

Martin, T., Tae AM .. 1 I 0 | Russell, The Hon. P., M.L.C., Martin, G. & Co., iectese Bo Melbourne Club ... sg) il Maryborough Boeouet Council 5 0 0| Ryan & Hammond, Bourke- st. 2 Masterman, F. A., Brunswick- Sanderson, J, & Co,, William-st. 1 street an .. 1 1 © | Sandridge Borough Council ... 3 Matheson, J., Collins- sitet 1 1 | Sands and McDougall, Collins- M’Coy, Drofescon University 1 1 0 street . 2 McCulloch, Sellar & Co., Queen- Stanford and Co., Bourke- st. 1 street 2 2 (| Sargood, Son & Co., Hindeereat 2 McDougall, C., Br Rasertar 1 1 0 | Simson, Hon. R., M.L.C., Toorak 2 McEachern, A. & D., life mem- Skene, Hon. W.,M.L.C., Toorak 2 bers, Kangaroo... .. 10 10 © | Skinner, Judge, Windsor 2 McKellar, The Hon. Thomas, Sloane, W. and Co.,, Collins-st. 2 M.L.C., Melbourne Club 10 0 0 | Smale, A. W. Queen-street,... 2 McNaughton, Love and ae Smith, C. and J., Albert-street 1 Flinders-lane ae 2 2 0| Somner, W., Swanston-street 1 Mitchell, the Hon. W. H. Ee, Sprigg, W. G., Brighton 1 M. ith C., Melbourne Club 1 1 0| Straw, T., Brunswick ... Aten Moloney, De Lonsdale-street 1 1 0| Terry Alfred, Royal Park .., 1 Moore and Co., Bourke-street 1 1 0| Twentyman, T., Emerald Hill 1 Moule, F. G., Market-street ... 1 1 0| Twentyman, R., Flinders-street 1 Murphy, E. J., William-street 1 1 0| Venables, H. P., Education Nutt, R. W., Queen-sitreet bt i @ Office : il Ogilvey, A. J., Queen-street... 1 1 0| Walker, P. N., Wallianiseaineet 1 Oldfield, L., Royal Park 1 1 0| Wishin & Taete Williams- Overend, Best, Brunswick Te 2 street 350 er eset | Paterson, W., Collins-street .. 1 1 0| Wilson, E., “Argus” Office... 2 Paterson, Ray, Palmer & Co., Wilson, Dr. J. P., Craigieburn 1 Flinders-lane 2 2 (| Woods, J. & Son, Collingwood 1 Peterson, W. & Co,, Qpiesnes, aioli ann) DONATIONS. Cornwall, A., Brunswick ... £010 0) Gunst, vr., Collins-street ... £1 Coward, J anes . 1 0 O| Harrington, P. Victoria-street 1 Fairchild, J. R., Sivalnameceealy 1 0 0} Hoskin, T., Benalla... crete Firth, Henry, Buameniele 0 5 6] McKellar, James, Lima Station 1 Frost, W., Benalla 1 0 Q| MeDonald,F., Solicitor, Benalla 1 Gordon & Gotch, Wollimeceneet 1 1 O| Power, T. H., Collins-street ... 1 Gratton, H. Gowangardie 1 1 @| Turnbull, James, Emeu Plains 1

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Zoological & Acclimatisation Society


1. The objects of the Society shall be the introduction, Ohler acclimatisation, liberation, and domestication of innoxious : animals and vegetables, whether useful or ornamental ;— the perfection, propagation, and hybridisation of races newly introduced, or already domesticated ;—the spread of indigenous animals, &c., from parts of the colonies where they are already known, to other localities where they are not known; the procuring, whether by purchase, gift, or exchange, of animals, &c. ;—the transmission of animals, &c., from the colony to England and foreign parts, in exchange for others sent thence to the Society ;—the collection and maintenance of zoological specimens, for exhibition or otherwise ;—the holding of periodical meet- ings, and the publication of reports and transactions, for the purpose of spreading knowledge of acclimatisation, and inquiry into the causes of success or failure; the inter- change of reports, &c., with kindred associations in other parts of the world, with the view, by correspondence and mutual good offices, of giving the widest possible scope to the project of acclimatisation ;—the conferring rewards, honorary or intrinsically valuable, upon persons who may render valuable services to the cause of acclimatisation.


Property vest in the Council

Executive Officers.


Vacancy in Council, how sup- plied.


2. A Subscriber of one guinea or upwards annually, which shall be payable in the month of January, shall be a Member of the Society ; and contributors within one year of ten guineas or upwards shall be Life Members of the Society ; and any person who may render special services to the Society, by contribution of stock or otherwise, shall be eligible for life membership, and may be elected as such by the Council, or by any annual general meeting.

3. All the property of the Society shall vest in the Council for the time being, for the use, purposes, and benefit of the Society.

4. The Society shall be governed by a Council of eighteen Members, to include a President, two Vice-Presi- dents, and an Honorary Treasurer, who, with three other Members (viz., those who have attended the fewest meet- ing of the Council proportionately since their appointment) shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election, subject to Rule 11. Provided that if any sum of money be voted to the Society by Act of Parliament, or trusts con- ferred upon the Council by the Government, then it shall be lawful for the Chief Secretary for the time being to appoint, if he consider it expedient, any number of gentle- men, not exceeding three, to act as members of the Council, and they shall have all the privileges as if other- wise duly elected,

5. In case of a vacancy occurring by the death, resig- nation, or non-attendance of any member of the Council for a period of two months, without leave of the Council, the remaiming Members shall, in due course, appoint another Member of the Society to be a Member of the Council in the place and stead of the Member who shall so resign or absent himself; but such new Member shall be nominated at an ordinary meeting of the Council prior to the meeting at which he is elected.


6. In case of a vacancy occurring by the death or re- Council to fill

‘s 4 : j up Vacancies. signation of the President, Vice-President, or Hon.

Treasurer, the Council may appomt from amongst them-

selves, or the other Members of the Society, a person to

fill the vacancy so occurring, and the person elected shall

hold office only until the next Annual Meeting ; but shall

be eligible for re-election for the subsequent year. Pro-

vided that such vacancy shall not be filled up unless seven

days’ notice in writing shall have been sent to each Member

of the Council, stating the vacancies which it is proposed

to fill up.

7. No person shall be eligible as a Member of Council Elegibility of unless he be a subscriber to the funds of the Society of at ChonaL, : least one guinea per annum ; and any member of Council whose subscription shall be in arrear for three months after his subscription is payable, shall cease to be a Member of Council: Provided that this rule shall not apply to persons who may have become life members of the Society, by a payment of ten guineas, or who may be honorary members of the Society ; and provided also, that a month’s notice in writing shall be sent to the member before his place can be filled up.

8. The Council shall meet at least once ‘a month, three Meetings of Members to form a quorum, and transact the business of Curd! the Society. ;

9. The Council shall have the sole management of the Powers and affairs of the Society, and of the income and property pase thereof, for the uses, purposes, and benefit of the Society ; and shall have the sole and exclusive right of appointing paid servants, asa Manager or Secretary, Collector, and such other officers, clerks, and labourers, and at such salaries as they may deem necessary, and of removing themy if they shall think fit, and shall prescribe their respective duties. And such Council shall have power to consider

‘anch So-

‘vieties, &e.

nutes of Proceed- ngs.

meys to be daid to Treasurer.


and determine all matters, either directly or indirectly affecting the interests of the Society, and if they shall think fit so to do, shall bring the same under the notice of the Members of the Society at any general or special meeting ; and to make such bye-laws as they may deem necessary for the efficient management of the affairs, and the promotion of the objects of the Society, and for the conduct of the business of the Council: Provided the same are not repugnant to these rules; to appoint one or more sub-committees, for any purpose contemplated by these rules; and generally to perform such acts as may be requisite to carry out the objects of the Society.

10. The Society shall have power to associate itself with other Societies with similar objects, and to found Branch Societies.

11. Minutes shall be made, in books kept for the pur- pose, of all proceedings at general and special meetings of the Members, and minutes shall also be made of the pro- ceedings of the Council at their general and special meetings, and of the names of the Members attend- ng the same, and such minutes shall be open to inspection by any Member of the Society at all reasonable times.

12. All subscriptions and other moneys received on account of the Society shall be paid to the Treasurer, or some person authorized by him in writing, who shall forthwith place the same in a bank, to be named by the Council, to the credit of the Society ; and no sum shall be paid on account of the Society until the same shall have been ordered by the Council, and such order be duly entered in the book of the proceedings of the Council; and all cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer as such, and be countersigned by the President, or one of the Vice-Presidents, or by the.


Chairman of the meeting at which such payment is authorised.

13. An annual meeting shall be held in the month of ae February in each year, and the Council shall report their proceedings during the past year, and shall produce their accounts, duly audited, for publication; and the meeting shall elect by ballot the office-bearers for the ensuing year, and fill up any vacancy which may exist in the Council: provided that no person shall hold the office of President, Vice-President, or Treasurer, for two years suc- cessively.

14, The Council may, and upon receiving a requisition Special Meet- in writing, signed by twelve or more Members, shall con- ings cia vene a special meeting of the Members, to be held within fifteen days after the receipt of such requisition: Pro- vided that such requisition, and the notices convening the meeting, shall specify the subject to be considered at such meeting, and that subject only shall be discussed at such meeting.

15. The Council, or any general meeting of the Society, Honorary may admit, as Honorary Members, any ladies or gentlemen eS who may have distinguished themselves in connection with the objects of the Society, and at such meeting any other business of the Society shall be transacted, of which one day’s previous notice shall have been given to the Secre- . tary by any Member desirous of bringmg the same forward.

16. No Medal of the Society shall be awarded to any person except by the vote of at least seven Members of Council present at a Council Meeting, and after notice of motion for awarding such Medal shall have been given at the next preceding meeting of the Council.

17. Tt shall be lawful for any annual or special meeting Power to alter of the Society to alter, vary, or amend the rules; or to sub- ve


stitute another for any of the same; or to make any new rule which may be considered desirable ; if and after a notice specifying the nature of such alteration, variation, amend- ment, substitution, or new rule, shall have been given to the Secretary fifteen days before the holding of such meeting. And such alteration, variation, amendment, sub- stitution, or new rule shall be valid if carried by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the Members present at such meeting.



In THE Royvart Park sand ZoonogicaL AnD ACCLIMATISATION Socrety’s GarprEns, MeLpouRne.

3 Kangaroos

7 Brahmin cattle 8 Hog deer

5 Bairanga deer 7 Formosa deer 4 Sambur deer

1 Fallow deer

1 Nylghau

4 Mauritius deer 2 Japanese deer 4